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01 April 2014

Executive Opportunity at OACRS

Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Association of Children’s Rehabilitation Services

A united voice for maximizing the potential of children and youth

In addition to strategic vision, relationship-building and leadership, the
incoming C.E.O. of the Ontario Association of Children’s Rehabilitation
Services will bring a spirit of passionate advocacy to this important
organization. In its quest to evolve a world in which all children and youth
have the best opportunity to reach their potential, the Ontario Association of
Children’s Rehabilitation Services (OACRS) represents the interests of 60,000 children who need physical, developmental and communications rehabilitation in cities, towns and rural areas across the Province. Through its
representation of all 21 Children’s Treatment Centres in Ontario, OACRS
provides a powerful and united voice for its member centres and delivers
leadership by influencing policy, programs and funding. OACRS is
committed to advancing an integrated, inclusive and family-centred sector where its members provide innovative therapies and extensive treatment options.
Its partners in children’s rehabilitation include the Ministries of Children
and Youth Services, Community and Social Services, Education and Health and Long-term Care and other provincial associations.

As the new C.E.O., inspiring positive change in children’s services, achieving excellence in children’s rehabilitation services, uniting
the cause with a strong voice, and advancing capacities are the four strategic
directions you’ll navigate with your team. Working closely with your
members, stakeholder organizations, provincial ministries and OACRS staff, you will collaboratively set priorities and judiciously allocate resources to
maximize the impact on improved children’s care in the Province through
enlightened policies, programs and funding models. Internally, you’ll ensure
that OACRS is a learning, continuous improvement environment that develops its people and is open to new ideas.

Since earning your degree in social policy, public policy, administration or a related discipline, you have expanded your leadership credentials in the social/community/health services sector, ideally focused on children or rehabilitation. Now, with at least five years of senior management experience, you’re ready to unite, inspire and make a difference.

To explore this opportunity further, please email Margaret Vanwyck in Odgers Berndtson’s Toronto office at Margaret.vanwyck@odgersberndtson.ca or apply by submitting your resume online.