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Wendy Miller joins the EKO team

February 24, 2022

Director, Policy and Engagement is a seasoned advocate

Wendy MillerEmpowered Kids Ontario – Enfants Avenir Ontario (EKO) welcomes Wendy Miller to the team. As EKO’s first Director, Policy and Engagement, Wendy provides leadership regarding policy priorities and strategy.

“Wendy is a powerful relationship builder who brings considerable experience to this new role,” says EKO CEO Jennifer Churchill. “She is the right person at the right time, who can reinforce EKO’s role as a trusted advisor and unifying voice for our sector.”

Wendy began her career as an advocate for Latin American refugee women. At ProBono Ontario, she worked with school advocacy, gaining an important window into the rights of students with disabilities who were excluded from everyday activities and often blocked from opportunities.

“There are populations that don’t have robust family systems, or are unable to fulfill life in the F-Words kind of way,” she notes. “All systems have something to learn from one another.”

A decade working in the child welfare sector gave Wendy an understanding of how systems can be improved to connect those who require support with providers, through pathways that are easily identified. “Joining EKO is like walking through a new door to do work that has always been at the heart of my career.”

In the coming months, Wendy intends to get to know EKO members, and understand better what the child development and rehabilitation sector means to communities across Ontario.

“I’m eager to support EKO members, elevate the sector’s profile, and contribute to building a robust policy presence for child development and rehabilitation—with government and other players.”

“Kids and families must be at the centre of policy and service. That’s EKO’s mantra, and it is a compelling one.”


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