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29 March 2022

SmartStart Hubs to improve integration in child development services

EKO Members central in system modernization


Minister of Children, Community and Social Services Merrilee Fullerton introduced SmartStart Hubs, a first step toward greater integration in the child development services system, designed to deliver consistent provincial approaches to early identification of children’s strengths and needs, and connections to local services.

“Families identify care navigation and a holistic approach as key components of high quality, integrated care services. This step delivers what families want and need, and is consistent with what research tells us is necessary,” says Jennifer Churchill, EKO CEO. “Today’s announcement enables children’s needs to be addressed by appropriate and integrated services delivered in a timely way.”

“Every family deserves a welcoming and supported entry into a system in which service providers collaborate, respect one another’s expertise, and look for ways to maximize public resources,” adds Churchill.

Empowered Kids Ontario – Enfants Avenir Ontario members identified as SmartStart Hubs are eager to work with all partners, bringing together the right people and service providers to ensure an equitable, collaborative and sector-wide focus on timely, high quality and consistent service for children in every Ontario community.