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24 November 2010

Paula Grail reflects on her term as OACRS Board Chair

Paul GrailFulfilling her two year term as Chair of the Ontario Association of Children's Rehabilitation Services Paula Grail moves into the role of Past Chair.  

During the annual OACRS Conference held November 7 – 9, 2010, Paula addressed conference delegates for the final time as Chair of the Board of Directors.

 “Two years ago as incoming chair, I stood up here and conveyed what my vision was for OACRS:

  • A provincial organization with ALL 21 CTC’s in Ontario working together
  •  An organization that successfully lobbied for Ministry funding
  • Ensuring that each CTC had the resources they required to reduce wait times for children entering our system
  • Providing a seamless transition of services for kids as they enter the school system
  •  An organization that is able to form partnerships with like minded agencies
  •  An organization that is viable and sustainable for years to come
  • And to make OACRS a household name. “

Paula reflected on the progress made on each of these goals. Of particular note:

  • The association has been successful in reaching the goal of ALL 21 of Ontario’s Children’s Treatment Centres as members of OACRS. The latest member Cochrane-Temiskaming Children’s Treatment Centre rejoined the OACRS family in October 2010. 
  • On April 7th of this year, Minister Broten announced a $9M annualized funding injection for CTC’s, an announcement that came during the worst recession of our time. The injection of new funds into our system will absolutely assist every CTC to improve services for our special needs children in Ontario. 

Paula and Mike Grail became involved with the Children’s Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent following the birth of Carson seven years ago. As a result of a stroke in utero he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus and epilepsy. When he was born his parents were told that Carson might never walk or talk.   

Fast-forward seven years from the first steps into the local CTC;

  • Carson is now in grade two at our local elementary school
  • He ran the 100m on track n field day, last to finish, but with all his schoolmates cheering him on
  • He loves to sing
  • He loves to dance
  •  And he doesn’t stop talking…a far cry from the bleak outlook doctors were preparing his parents for just seven years ago.

 Paula brought Carson’s words to her speech in this video. Click here to watch video.