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30 October 2018

OACRS Announces 2018/19 Board of Directors

The Ontario Association of Children’s Rehabilitation Services announced the appointment of several new members to its Board of Directors at its Annual General Meeting on October 23, 2018. The new Board consists of 14 directors, including five new members, consistent with the association’s plan to reduce the size of the Board. This change aligns the Board with the future of the association.

“The experience and skills of our new Directors complement the strengths of our legacy Board members, and will assist us as we look to the future of our sector,” notes incoming Chair Penny Smiley. “All of our board directors bring a broad range of professional skills to the table and represent what is innovative about Ontario and our sector. Their desire to support OACRS in their roles as Board members speaks both for their level of commitment, and for what OACRS stands for as we mark our 40th anniversary.”

The new Board is unified in its mission to work with CEO Jennifer Churchill and the membership to drive the association’s focus on harnessing knowledge and uniting voices for kids with special needs and their families. The Board will also rely on the expertise and advice of the association’s Leadership Council which advances the sector and provides operational advice to the association in pursuit of its strategic priorities.

“On behalf of OACRS and its Board, I want to thank the outgoing directors and committee members for their dedicated service to the association and its members,” adds Ms. Smiley. “The reconstitution of our Board was a constructive and collaborative exercise that demonstrated the quality and integrity of our directors. It was a comprehensive evaluation that everyone undertook with one goal in mind: to build the very best Board for our membership, and for Ontario kids with special needs and their families, going forward.”

“We are delighted to be welcoming our new Board directors, who embody the vitality and value of the child development and rehabilitation sector,” says OACRS CEO Jennifer Churchill. “The Board, our staff and our members are excited about the association’s plans to move ahead with new engagement, partnerships and programming that will help us ensure kids with special needs and their families are living their best lives.”

Members of the Board of Directors are:

Penny Smiley, Chair
Susan Adamson
Sacha Baharmand
Paul Cantin
Bridget Fewtrell
Colleen Fotheringham-Anderson
Paula Grail
Elizabeth Haugh
Susan Nall, Leadership Council Representative
Lois Ouellette
Zoran Piljevic
Sara Pot
Margaret van Beers
Tom Walters
Jennifer Churchill, ex-officio