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04 August 2020

First Phase of Foundational Family Services is Part of New OAP

Empowered Kids Ontario – Enfants Avenir Ontario (EKO) welcomes today’s news that the Ontario government is expanding the list of foundational services for families whose children receive an autism diagnosis as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

“Ontario’s publicly supported providers are ready to increase their offerings for this essential component of the New OAP,” says EKO CEO Jennifer Churchill. “Families have responded really well to these services and programs which address their diverse needs. Offering more of them makes good sense.” Delivered by caring and highly qualified professionals, these services help families understand more about their child, and also help children with autism with their particular challenges.

“Our members have been offering programs such as parent education, parent/peer support, ABA coaching, and much more to address families’ questions and concerns,” adds Churchill. “Building on the system that is in place by increasing these offerings is in alignment with the recommendations of the OAP Advisory Panel. The government is responding. That’s very good news.”