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04 October 2011

OACRS Asks the Provincial Party Leaders

On October 6th Ontario families will make an important choice – choosing the government that will lead our province through the next four years. In order to assist our stakeholder to make informed decision, OACRS as each of the major parties the following questions:

  1. Wait lists and wait times for rehabilitation services puts pressure on families. What would your party do to reduce the amount of time families need to wait?
  2. All children in Ontario will be entering full day kindergarten. For some children with special needs, they will need extra therapy supports. What will your party do to ensure that they have the services they need to succeed?
  3. Funding in the children’s rehabilitation sector is unpredictable. In order to provide services to families when they need them, we need a fair and sustainable funding system. Will your party commit to establishing a reliable funding formula for children’s services so we can build the capacity of our services to meet the needs of families?
  4. Having a child with a disability is very expensive. What is your party’s plan to improve the financial supports for families of children with special needs so that they are not financially disadvantaged?
  5. As children become adults, this is a time of great uncertainty for families. Many of the services available to children are no longer available when they turn adult age. What will your party do to ensure that the transition to adulthood is seamless and will allow our sons and daughters to live with as much independence as possible?
  6. What is your party’s position on the importance of children? What will your government do to ensure children in need of extra services and supports are a high priority when deciding on budgets?
Here is what the parties have had to say...