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01 June 2020

A child’s development follows a continuum even when much of life takes a pause

EKO members share thoughts and approaches as the sector re-opens

Empowered Kids Ontario-Enfants Avenir Ontario members, their staff, and the kids and families they serve, have all had to make drastic and swift changes to adapt to Ontario’s state of emergency and the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone has risen to meet the challenge.

“Our members rapidly re-organized, delivering service and support to kids in a virtual-first mode, providing advice and peace of mind to families at home, and wherever possible providing urgent care in their communities,” says EKO CEO Jennifer Churchill.

“A child’s development follows a continuum, even when much of life takes a pause,” Churchill adds.

EKO members are planning to safely and gradually re-open to resume some services on site, ensuring their centres offer a protected place in their respective communities.

Safety has been, and will always be, the organizing principle. Striving to keep kids, families and staff safe from exposure to COVID-19, EKO members are taking steps to re-open for some in-person visits and continue virtual care to serve those kids and families for whom a virtual appointment is best.

“Together we’re moving forward,” says Churchill. “Over the coming weeks follow us on social media, where we’ll share thoughts and approaches of our members—a community of dedicated providers from across Ontario.”
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