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14 April 2020

EKO launches Virtual Care Guide

Comprehensive overview offers information, resources & tools

The COVID-19 pandemic presents Ontario’s child development and rehabilitation sector with an unprecedented challenge to provide services virtually, and manage the logistical changes necessary to implement new programs and technologies. Organizations are rapidly reorganizing to ensure kids with disabilities and their families service and support in a virtual-first mode. For some providers technological change has already been reshaping programs, for others digital services are being introduced.

To help organizations make integrate virtual care into their suite of services, Empowered Kids Ontario has created the Virtual Care Guide, a comprehensive resource that addresses the foundational elements services providers should be thinking about when it comes to virtual care. This overview of service delivery in a virtual environment brings together information, resources and tools in one place to address questions big and small—from choosing a virtual care platform, to engaging staff, and supporting clients in new ways. For some it is a place to start, for others the Guide can supplement work that is already underway.

We are all in this together. Virtual care technologies can help Ontario’s child development and rehabilitation sector go above and beyond to respond to the needs of kids with disabilities and their families.