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One in seven Canadians has special needs. That number is expected to grow to one in five in the next generation

We know treatment can change the course of a child’s life. Ontarians need a child development ecosystem that fosters innovation and effectively supports increasing levels of need and expectations.

EKO members work together as partners with a unified voice delivering consistent messages to help government take informed and effective action. We’re working together to understand and act upon a wide range of information to promote transformation so kids with special needs can live their best lives.

Member Benefits:

Join the conversation and have a voice on public policy: The Government of Ontario regularly engages EKO and the association’s member agencies on important issues in child development and rehabilitation. Members have the opportunity to bring their experience, perspectives, concerns and ideas to the forefront.

  • Partner with leaders in child development and rehabilitation in Ontario and across Canada. Members share their vision, expertise, knowledge and inspire one another to innovate and build better supports for kids with special needs.
  • Share a system-wide digital clinical record. EKO members have the opportunity to access a digital clinical client record system currently in use by more than two-thirds of all EKO members.
  • Anticipate and manage issues. EKO helps members and member organizations anticipate, detect and respond appropriately to emerging trends or changes in the environment. When a situation evokes the attention and concern of influential stakeholders, and perceptions may have important consequences, EKO provides leadership to steward, build, maintain and repair relationships.
  • Contribute to building the Childhood Disability Common Research Agenda. Together we’re developing a common understanding of the trends, issues, challenges and opportunities in Ontario’s child development and rehabilitation. Members contribute to strengthening and furthering the research and knowledge translation agendas.
  • Registration discounts for the EKO Annual Conference and other training programs: Members take advantage of reduced rates for registration fees at the annual conference, continuing learning webinars and other programming. Members also have access to archives, Best Practice Guidelines and other resources.

Interested in joining Empowered Kids Ontario? Contact Jennifer Inkpen at or 416 424 3864 ext. 3647.