Nicholas Irvine

Winning awards is never old hat for Nicholas, who at 20 has already received several honours including the John McGivney Children’s Centre Achievement Award and the Lucien “Kit” Lacass Award given to him by his high school.  
It’s no wonder—from a young age Nicholas has been an advocate for youth with special needs, welcoming opportunities to build community awareness. With a genuine concern for others, keen sense of humour and ability to establish a strong rapport with whomever he encounters, Nicholas loves helping out—reading to young kids at the John McGiveny Children’s Centre, sharing his experiences as a public speaker, working with staff on a media production about augmentative communication, and mentoring other kids in using their own complex communications devices.  
A sledge hockey player, Nicholas is also a film fan and gamer who also appreciates downtime at the cottage. Life revs up again this fall when Nicholas enters the Community Integration through Co-operative Education program at St. Clair College. “Now my adventure is going to continue to bigger and better things,” he says.  It’s a day he’s been looking forward to for a long time.