Kimberley Chiasson

Kimberley Chiasson is a passionate student. Having maintained Honour Roll status throughout her high school years—and securing a spot on the Principal’s List in her final semester—she is heading to Carleton University to study Journalism and Humanities.  Attending university out of town is a huge step out of her comfort zone, one Kimberley also describes as an exciting new chapter on the journey to a career that allows her to pursue her love of writing, and combating social issues.

Kimberley brings that same passion to everything she gets involved in. She chaired her school’s Project, reducing the stigma that can be associated with mental health; was a member of the Reach for the Top Trivia Team, was a key organizer of the PROM committee, and took charge of her high school graduation video. Kimberley tutored students who have learning challenges or had fallen behind in their work—taking the initiative to do this on her own and quickly becoming relied on by fellow students and their teachers. As an Easter Seals Ambassador, Kimberley represents kids with special needs, speaking formally and informally and she says, meeting amazing people.

“Life is much better when you laugh,” she says. Kimberley’s positivity is a defining trait. “She greets everyone with a smile that is so contagious she can brighten the darkest day,” notes teacher Jody Jakubo. “Others want to be around her because she is logical, intelligent and humorous.”
“Self-improvement is always a goal of mine,” Kimberley explains. “I’m learning to become a better advocate for myself every day.”