Partnership Award

The Partnership Award is presented to recognize an organization or member CTC that has demonstrated significant support for the goals of the sector with broad impact.

CTCs, Suppliers, Supporters, Companies, Organizations.

The presentation of the Partnership Award will take place at the Tribute Awards Luncheon during the Annual EKO Conference.

Nomination Process: 
Nominees in this category will be recognized for actions and commitment that has benefited multiple stakeholders As a result of the contribution, there has been a significant impact on the resources and/or operations of participating centres and/or service delivery to children and families.

Friday August 30, 2019 at 5.00pm

Selection Process:
Applications will be reviewed by the Board Development and Governance Committee. Reviewers may consider the nominee for a different category if it is determined the nomination better meets those criteria. Recipients will be selected by the Board of Directors. Only one recipient will be selected in a given year. Other nominees will receive an honourable mention. 


Application Requirements:

  1. Support Documentation for Nomination:
    • An essay of no more than 350 words, decribing how, through significant achievements or contributions, this nominee's actions and commitment has had a significant on the resources and/or operations of participating centres and has benefited multiple CTCs.
    • A letter of recommendation from a CTC must be included in the application
    • Additional letters of recommendation from community partners, families, etc, may be included.
    • A list of CTCs who have benefitted must be included in the application
  2. Please indicate whether or not the Nominee is aware of the nomination and in agreement to have their name and organization put forward for consideration by EKO for a Partnership Award?

EKO may request additional information to support the nomination.

Partnership Award Nominations
Is the nominee aware of nomination?:
Has this Nominee been previously recognized?:
Support Documentation for Nomination
Achievement paper:
Letter of recommendation from CTC:
List of participating or benefiting CTCs:
Additional letters of recommendation:
Optional supporting materials: